What’s your best chance of achieving financial freedom before debt kills you?

Here’s the brutally honest answer you don’t want to hear...

It starts with a number.

Everyone has one, including you.

Your number is the amount of money you need to achieve financial freedom.

This isn’t just a random number. You can’t simply say… “if I had a million dollars I’d be okay” or “I just want to make six figures a year.”

No. Your number is much more precise than that. It’s carefully calculated.

You see, there’s a certain level of income you need that would enable you to live freely and pursue your passions.

And despite what any financial planner, guru, or close loved one might say, there’s no universal number for everyone.

The only person who can determine your number is: YOU.

But how do you figure out the amount of money you need? Where do you even start?

Well, it’s easier than you think.


First you need to know how much you should be earning right now. And you can do that using our free Income Calculator.

The calculator will determine what your annual net income should be based on your earning history. Go ahead, give it a try now.

(Type numbers only. No commas or symbols.)

Your yearly income today should be:


Did you get a large number? That’s fine, don’t let it intimidate you. It’s just a real measurable value for you to work with.

If anything, that’s probably what your employer should be paying you.

Furthermore, you should feel insulted by anyone who said that working 40 hours a week and earning a pittance for most of your adult life is normal — let alone enough to support you in retirement.

That’s one of the greatest acts of bamboozling committed against our generation.

Thankfully though, we’re getting smarter.

Note: While the calculator doesn’t factor in your personal or basic living expenses, you can simply subtract those from the amount it generates.


Once you know how much you should be making, the next step is to analyze your current situation.

To do that, you must ask yourself:

What must I do differently to make this amount of money?

Becoming Financially Free

Most people know this, but it’s not the answer they want to hear. Why?

When it’s all said and done, your best chance to achieve financial freedom will be determined by: the actions you take and decisions you make.

Because they expect someone else to do it for them, they desperately search for easier ways, or they just ignore it altogether.

Yes, mastering your money to achieve financial freedom is challenging. But if you invest the time and effort to do it, the results will dramatically transform you life.

The good news is, this stuff isn’t rocket science — you can become financially free.

It’s simply a matter of doing three things:

  • Defining a workable goal
  • Gathering the knowledge you need
  • Using what you’ve learned to achieve success

That simple process, along with everything else you’ve read, is enough to get you started today.

Don’t let your situation, self-doubt, or negative people stop you from getting what you deserve.

Financial freedom is not only attainable, it is absolutely possible!

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Those who understand this will easily do whatever it takes to be successful.

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