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60 Best Money-Making Crafts to Sell for Quick and Easy Cash

by Jas R.

Let me guess…

Somewhere between finding good crafts to do and building DIY projects for fun, you had a brilliant idea…

“Why not start making DIY things to sell for extra money?”

At first it probably seemed silly and you brushed it off. But then you let your conscience guide you like that cute cricket from Pinocchio. And here you are.

Well I’m glad you came, because today I’m going to show you an amazing list of the best money-making crafts to sell from home.

These are more than just fun crafts to do from home when you’re bored. They’re affordable crafts that are easy to make and sell for profit.

You’ll also love this list because it includes the supplies you need as well as video tutorials. Most of the supplies can be found at popular stores like JOANN Fabric, Michaels, Dollar Tree, Fabric.com, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

So you can either shop in-store for everything you need or order everything from your couch.

Now let’s check out some of the cool crafts you can sell for money.


60 Best Money-Making Crafts to Sell from Home

Finding easy crafts to make and sell for profit can be time consuming. But these craft ideas are super simple and can definitely help you make money from home.

1. Acrylic Paintings

Overview: I may not know anything about art but I know business. And if people are paying money for these acrylic paint crafts, then the business of art must be booming. So don’t overthink this. Grab the supplies, unleash your inner Picasso, and collect money privately like Banksy.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

DIY Acrylic Fluid Painting

DIY Acrylic Painting
by KeepCalmAndBlushOn

2. Braided-Edge Fleece Blanket (no sewing)

Overview: Fleece blankets and hot cocoa? Name a better duo. Okay, fleece blankets and wine sounds much better. Either way, the people buying these love the coziness as much as the cool designs. That makes them another easy DIY craft that you can sell as a side hustle.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

No-Sew Fleece Blanket

Braided Edge Fleece Blanket
by Cutesy Crafts

3. Baby Head Wrap

Overview: Parents love dressing up their cute little munchkins. And these baby headbands are one of their favorite dress-up items. You can make lots and parents will buy them to spruce up their baby’s outfits. The baby looks cute and you get paid. What’s not to like?

Video Guide:

Turban Baby Head Wrap

Baby Headwrap Turban
by HairbowSuppliesEtc

4. Computer/Office Desk Pad

Overview: You don’t need to see a gamers desk, a clean-freak’s office, or a home decor junkie’s den to know that they love to customize their workspaces. All you need to do is start making these easy crafts to sell to these organization lovers.

Video Guide:

Custom Desk Pad

Computer Desk Pad
by Cathy Diep

5. Blanket Scarf (no sewing)

Overview: The cool thing about scarves is that they can be worn in most climates. It just depends on the material you use. So you don’t have to worry about making scarves only for winter. This craft idea can make you money in any season.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

How to Make a Blanket Scarf

DIY No Sew Blanket Scarf
by The DIY Mommy

6. Essential Oil Sugar Scrub

Overview: Behind every person with flawless looking skin is an amazing beauty product and disciplined routine. You can’t sell routines but you sure can sell a natural skin-nourishing body scrub. And as someone who spends money on those things, I can assure you they will sell extremely well.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

Lemon Sugar Scrub

Essential Oil Sugar Scrub
by Hard Working Mom

10 Cool Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit

If you’re looking for amazing craft ideas that make good money, here are some of the most profitable crafts to sell.

7. Designer Clay Earrings

Overview: Statement earrings are a hot product to make and sell. People who can’t even afford to window shop in SoHo or on Rodeo Drive still want to look good. So they buy these custom-made crafts to stand out rather than fit in. They’ll look good and you’ll make money. It’s a total win-win scenario.

Video Guides:

Geometric Clay Earrings

Polymer Clay Earrings
by Lauren Johnson

Make Polymer Clay Earrings

Clay Earrings DIY
by theurbanwire

8. Purple Amethyst Geode

Overview: When I first saw this craft idea, I made one for myself. And whenever people see it, they always ask where I bought it. I just lie and say it’s a gift. All that to say, there’s a market for these. So find different designs, make a bunch, and get paid.

Video Guide:

DIY Amethyst Crystals

Purple Amethyst Geode
by Natasha Rose

9. Scented Soy Candles

Overview: These candles are super popular, and for good reason. People buy them because of their low environmental footprint, zero pollutants, long-lasting qualities. Everything you need to make these is 100% natural, and you won’t have a problem finding happy customers.

Video Guide:

How to Make Scented Soy Candles

Scented Soy Candles
by my golden hour

10. Bath Bombs (fizzing & essential oil)

Overview: For some reason, bath bombs sell like hot cakes. I’ve got about 30 under my bathroom sink. When you start selling these, try changing it up by making cool colorful molds in various shapes. You’ll stand out from the crowd and make more money.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guides:

Fizzy Bath Bombs

Fizzy Bath Bombs
by Raina k.

Essential Oil Bath Bombs

Essential Oil Bath Bombs
by thefrugalcrafter

11. Scrunchies For Hair

Overview: Like hair ties, scrunchies often get lost a lot. But the similarities end there. Unlike boring hair ties, people buy scrunchies because they’re fashionable and complement most outfits. That makes them one of the best money-making craft ideas you can find. Did I mention that they’re easy to make too?

Video Guide:

How to Sew Scrunchies

Scrunchies For Hair
by Melly Sews

12. Baby Bandana Bib

Overview: This is another genius DIY craft idea to make and sell. It’s a simple product that parents buy in bunches for two reasons: it’s a cute baby outfit accessory, and it absorbs throw-up like bibs. As usual babies + crafts = profits. You can’t go wrong making these to sell.

Video Guide:

Make Your Own Baby Bib Bandanas

DIY Baby Bandana Bib
by The Fitzgeralds

13. Essential Oil Scented Candles

Overview: I’m a recovering essential oil addict. Not really, I’m still hooked on them. And I’m not alone. There are tons of essential oil aficionados out there who’re always looking for the next delightful scent. So start making your own scented candles to sell to people who need their fix.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

How to Make Candles with Essential Oils

Essential Oil Scented Candles
by Naturally Brittany

14. Zippered Box Pouch

Overview: These pouches are popular among students and organization junkies. They’re pretty versatile and make for an practical storage item. You can use your creativity to make bespoke styles of this craft project. Materials are cheap and you can sell them for a premium.

Video Guide:

Easy Box Pouch

Zippered Pouch Bag
by Melanie Ham

15. Glitter Wine Glasses

Overview: Wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes. But designs like this are probably only seen at fancy-schmancy events and galas. And that alone should tell you that people will quickly buy them from you for the right price. This makes them one glamorously profitable craft idea.

Video Guide:

How to Glitter a Wine Glass

Glitter Wine Glasses
by Minderella Creations

16. Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Overview: If you’re a beginner, this might be the most challenging craft idea on the list. Even though it’s affordable to make, and you can sell it for quite a lot of money, I’d recommend something easier if you’re just starting out. Otherwise, make them and collect cash. It’s that simple.

Video Guide:

Crossbody Bag DIY

Crossbody Shoulder Bag
by ProperFit Clothing Co.

7 Insanely Easy Crafts for Kids to Sell

Want to get your kids involved? No problem. Here are some easy crafts that make money and are also fun DIY projects for kids.

17. Bird Seed Feeder

Overview: Just add water and make money. That’s how simple this is. No I’m not exaggerating. You can make a bunch of these in a few hours, list them for sale, and watch as bird lovers flock to you with credit cards in hand. It would be wrong not to take their money, wouldn’t you agree?

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

How to Make a Bird Feeder

Bird Seed Feeder
by WhatsUpMoms

18. Macramé Keychain

Overview: Here’s another DIY project you can make for money. It’s so easy that you’ll probably just let your kids do it so they can earn some money. Whatever you decide, just know that people love to buy cool keychains.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

Ombré Macrame keychain

Macrame Keychain Tutorial
by DIYholic

19. Scrapbooking Stickers

Overview: For a simple hobby niche, scrapbooking sure is expensive. And that should be music to your ears. The cost to create products here is ridiculously low. Stickers are one of those products that can easily make you $5,000 a month or more – even with a selling price of just $3.

Video Guide:

How to Make Stickers from Home

Stickers For Scrapbooking
by JelArts

20. Scented Drawer Sachets

Overview: People have been dealing with bad odors way before Febreze made it sexy. Ever heard of moth balls? Yea, nobody buys those anymore. Now they buy 100% natural-scented fragrances to toss in their drawers, linen closets, and other places. Selling these is a complete no-brainer.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

How to Make No-Sew Sachets

Scented Drawer Sachets
by Emilee Dinh

21. Pillow Cover (no sewing)

Overview: This is one of those quick and easy craft ideas that you can sell for extra cash. You don’t need much to start making these. In fact, it’s another perfect craft idea for kids who want to help out. Cheap and hazard free? Sounds good to me.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

DIY No-Sew Pillow Cover

No Sew Pillow Covers
by Style Me Pretty

22. Printed Clay Bookmarks

Overview: Two kinds of people buy bookmarks: those who read and those who don’t. Okay that was a poor statement. But you know what’s not poor? Your bank account when you start making these to sell. It’s an easy DIY project you can do with your kids. Did I hear college fund?

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

Napkin Transfer Clay Bookmarks

Polymer Clay Bookmark
by Patricia Roberts-Thompson

23. Multipurpose Silicone Molds

Overview: This might be one of the best money-making crafts you can find. So many people love buying these, including: hobbyist, soap makers, cooks, etc. Making these crafts to sell is super easy, affordable, and fun enough to do with your kids.

Video Guide:

How to Make Silicone Molds

Silicone Molds For Resin
by CraftyLefty

13 DIY Crafts to Make Money on the Side

Maybe you’re just looking to start selling crafts as a side hustle. If so, these crafts are perfect for doing just that.

24. Dog Bandana Collars

Overview: Life wouldn’t be the same if people didn’t splurge on their doggos. Nothing is cuter (or badass) looking than a dog in a bandana collar. Making money selling these crafts is so easy. Not ‘coz they’re cheap to make, but because people love dropping dollars to accessorize their dogs.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

Reversible Dog Bandanas

Dog Bandana Collar
by createwithjenn

25. Cute Fabric Sunglasses Case

Overview: Most designer sunglasses come with cool cases. But not everyone can afford them. Some people just want an inexpensive way store their cheap sunglasses or reading glasses. By making these cases, you’ll be able to satisfy their needs.

Video Guide:

Sunglasses Case

Fabric Sunglasses Case
by Owl Be Sewing

26. Baby Pacifier Clip

Overview: What’s up with babies dropping soothers all over the place? Whoever came up with the pacifier clip was a genius. Parents buy tons of them and people gift them at baby showers. And since 4 babies are born every second, you’ll never have to worry about selling these crafts.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

How to Make a Pacifier Clip

Personalized Pacifier Clips
by Chomp Teething & Craft Supply

27. Reusable Shopping Bag

Overview: Whether it’s the environment or just personal choice, some people like using their own shopping bags. Unfortunately, most of the shopping bags available are crap or look ugly. But you can change that by making and selling shopping bags that look amazing and are durable.

Video Guide:

How to Make Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable Shopping Bags
by OnlineFabricStore.net

28. Scented Flaxseed Warming Pillows

Overview: Icy Hot doesn’t always numb the pain, and that rubber heating pad isn’t really functional. So people are always looking for alternatives. This craft idea is perfect to sell because it doubles as a cooling pillow too. It’s easy to make and people will happily buy it to relieve their aches and pains.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

How to Make Flaxseed Heat Pads

Flaxseed Warming Pillows
by AnOregonCottage

29. Baby Swaddle Blanket

Overview: Let’s ignore the fact that people act as though swaddling is a 21st century invention. Instead, you should embrace their willingness to throw money at you for making another cute swaddle blanket. One they can overpay for, use to show off their babies, and of course… swaddle them.

Video Guide:

Easiest Swaddle Baby Blanket

Baby Swaddle Blankets
by Man Sewing

30. Padded Sleeping Mask

Overview: Travelers aren’t the only ones who buy sleeping masks. Some folks can’t sleep without them because they need total darkness. Others buy them because of light sensitivity. And some people are just hoarders. The bottom line: sell to all of them!

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

DIY Sleeping Mask

Padded Sleeping Mask With Eyes
by Annika Victoria

31. Macramé Bracelet

Overview: Not gonna lie, these bracelets look totally fab. Making them isn’t as hard as you think. And the best part is, people buy these bracelets in bunches. So be sure to make them in different colors and sell them as pairs for more money.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

Macramé Double Spiral Bracelet

Macrame Double Spiral Bracelet
by Macrame School

32. Clip-On Bow Tie (no sewing)

Overview: People these days can’t even boil water without burning it let alone tie a bow tie. Tragic right? Well, now’s not the time for pity. You have an obligation to make as many of these clip-on bow ties and sell them to people who want to look fashionably eccentric.

Video Guide:

No-Sew Bow Tie

Clip On Bow Tie
by AnnLace

33. Paracord Dog Collar

Overview: How many collars does a dog really need? There’s no logical answer. The only thing you need to know is that owners love buying multiple collars for their pups. These collars are favorites among outdoorsy and survivalist type dog lovers. They’re also affordable to make.

Video Guide:

DIY Paracord Dog Collar

Paracord Dog Collar
by Sea Lemon

34. Stylish Bibs For Adults

Overview: You’d think that these are just dignified clothing protectors, but there are other uses for them. People buy these adult bibs to protect against spills while working, cooking, or feeding their babies. It’s another versatile DIY craft that’s easy to make. Just don’t use boring colors.

Video Guide:

Make a Body Bib

Stylish Bibs For Adults
by Man Sewing

35. Cute Cat Collars

Overview: This list of the best money-making crafts wouldn’t be complete without products for cat owners. They spend just as much on their fur babies as dog owners do. This is a simple craft idea that you can make and sell to those eager buyers.

Video Guide:

How to Make a Cat Collar

Cute Cat Collars
by Doodlebug Craft Finds

36. Paracord Dog Leash

Overview: Finding a dog leash that works, looks cool, and survives chewy pups is a major headache for dog owners. That’s why they often buy multiple leashes. Making these type of dog leashes to sell will totally solve two-thirds of their problem. And they’ll gladly pay for that.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

How to Make a Paracord Dog Leash

Paracord Dog Leash
by CbyS Paracord and More

8 Craft Fair Items that Sell Well

Thinking about selling at a craft fair? Consider making some of these crafts to boost your sales and make more money.

37. Marble Coffee Mugs (using nail polish)

Overview: These aren’t just cheap and easy crafts to make, they look gorgeous too. People who don’t want to give plain white coffee mugs as presents will definitely be interested in purchasing these cool mugs.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

DIY Marble Coffee Mugs

Marble Mugs Using Nail Polish
by CamCam&Breenie

38. Resin Keychain Charms

Overview: Charms are pretty popular among accessory junkies and it’s easy to see why. You can add them to a chain, bracelet, or keyring to make the perfect fashion jewelry piece. A huge market means there’s money to be made selling these crafts.

Video Guide:

How to Make Resin Keychains

Resin Charms
by Seriously Creative

39. Fabric Plant Pots

Overview: Most plant pots are as exciting as watching oxygen in the air. People would rather spruce up their home decor with beautiful looking pots instead of plain boring ones. You can make and sell these plant pots to satisfy their desire.

Video Guide:

Fabric Terra Cotta Pots

Fabric Plant Pots
by The O’Neil Sisters

40. Baby Burp Cloth

Overview: So parents love these a lot. How do I know? I’ve given them as gifts to new parents who always rave about them. And it’s not just because they’re super cute. It’s because they’re so handy and functional to have around. If you don’t believe me, make a few and see how well they sell.

Video Guide:

How to Make Burp Rags

Homemade Baby Burp Cloths
by brytonmylife

41. Air-Dry Clay Bowls

Overview: Handmade dishes are another best-selling craft item. These cute hand-stamped bowls can be made in a variety of designs. People tend to buy them as center table pieces, vanity dishes, or for other home decor use. You’ll enjoy making and selling them for money.

Video Guide:

Clay Bowls

Air Dry Clay Bowls
by The Pink Envelope

42. Marble Wine Glasses (with nail polish)

Overview: Another form of highway robbery that is morally okay. You can create these custom wine glasses for a couple bucks and sell them for a hefty profit. The folks who buy them won’t care that you’re a criminal, because they get to show off these sweet glasses at their wine parties.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

Watercolour Wine Glasses

Marble Wine Glasses With Nail Polish
by ColbyVde

43. Pot Holders

Overview: If these kitchen accessories seem basic to you, then you probably don’t spend hours in your kitchen. Thankfully, the bakers, cooks, and kitchen decor geeks love buying them. So go ahead and make a few.

Video Guide:

Cute Hot Pads

Square Pot Holders
by SewVeryEasy

44. Anxiety Diffuser Bracelet

Overview: We can debate the pseudo-science of scented lava bead bracelets ’till the end of time. But that’s not important. What matters is that people pay money for these bracelets because the scents have a calming and soothing effect. That’s why you should make and sell them.

Video Guide:

Aromatherapy Bracelet With Lava Beads

Anxiety Diffuser Bracelet
by Beadaholique

11 Super Easy Home Decor Craft Ideas to Sell

Since people love decorating their houses, home decor items always make money. Here are some of the best home decor craft ideas to sell, which are easy to make.

45. Tile Table Coasters

Overview: This should be illegal. It costs $2.87 to make a 4-pack unit. Can you guess how much you can sell them for? If you guessed $16.99 then you probably aren’t reading this, because you’re too busy counting your insane profits like a true capitalist.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

Napkin Tile Coasters

Napkin Tile Coasters
by Wandy’s Sweets

46. Moroccan Mason Jar Lanterns

Overview: What is it with people and lanterns? Well, if you were a psych major you’d probably know the answer. But you’re not. You’re a money-making boss. All you care about is how cheap these are to make and how much profit you can sell them for. And honestly, that’s all that matters.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

DIY Henna Lanterns

Moroccan Mason Jar Lanterns
by Jay Munee DIY

47. Inspirational Magnets

Overview: Inspiration and motivation pieces are great craft items to sell. People buy these in bunches to stick all over their homes – especially on their refrigerators. You’ll be amazed at how easy these are to make. You can literally make any design you want and it will sell like girl scout cookies.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

DIY Inspirational Magnets

Inspirational Magnets
by HGTV Handmade

48. Decoupage Wine Bottles

Overview: A friend of mine collects wine corks in a vase. They make for an interesting conversation piece on her center island. She’s the type of person who would not hesitate to buy these wine bottles to decorate her home. And she’s not the only one. So go ahead and make these wine bottle crafts to sell.

Video Guide:

Wine Bottle Craft

Decoupage Wine Bottles
by DIYNoNeedToCry

49. Bohemian Wall Hanging

Overview: Creative. Beautiful. Inspirational. Motivational. These are just some of the words to describe the people who love boho decor. I should know because I’m one of them. So please start making these boho crafts to sell so you can take our money.

Video Guide:

DIY Boho Wall Hanging

Bohemian Wall Hanging
by Amanda Faye

50. Chalk Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Overview: If you think old Aunt Ida is the only one collecting mason jars, think again. These type of mason jars attract young people too. They’re hip, trendy, cute, and functional. You can easily make a bunch and never run out of ideas… or profit!

Video Guide:

Mason Jar Kleenex Holder

Chalk Mason Jars
by Kayla’s Cricut Creations

51. Macramé Hanging Wall Planter

Overview: Selling plant decor accessories seems like a no-fail way to make money. Visit any craft fair or store and you’ll see lots of plant-related products for sale. You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to sell hanging planters to people who’re into the whole eco-friendly and green living lifestyle.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

DIY Hanging Planter

Hanging Wall Planters
by createwithjenn

52. Cross Door Wreath

Overview: I know what you’re thinking, “people only buy wreaths for Easter, Christmas, and funerals.” Well, you’re right! And there are tons of other people who buy them for cool home decor use too. BTW, if you already know people buy door wreaths, why haven’t you made any to sell as yet?

Video Guide:

Cooling Rack Cross Wreath

Cross Door Wreath
by Keeping it Simple Crafts

53. Hanging Dream Catcher

Overview: Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. If buying dream catchers helps them ward off bad juju and evil spirits, that’s fine. Personally, I believe in money catchers. And since you’re here looking for the best money-making craft ideas, it means you do too. So start making these to catch the monies.

Video Guide:

How to Make a Dream Catcher

Hanging Dream Catcher
by Emilie Lefler

54. Countertop Silverware Holder

Overview: Most people have silverware. But very few have places to store them. You can easily make these silverware holders and sell it to those people. They’ll love it for the simplicity and rustic decor look.

Video Guide:

Rope Silverware Holders

Countertop Silverware Holder
by Chanelle Novoséy

55. Farmhouse Paper Towel Holder

Overview: Fascinating isn’t it? You can literally turn garbage into gold with just about anything. This DIY craft idea is so cheap and simple to make, you’d think people would just make it themselves. But no, they’d much rather buy it from a craft maker like you.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

DIY Farmhouse Paper Towel

Farmhouse Toilet Paper Holder
by Kelly Barlow Creations

5 More Hot Craft Ideas to Sell from Home

You can never go wrong selling trending crafts. Here’s a bonus list of the best DIY crafts to make and sell for extra cash.

56. Baby Teething Ring

Overview: Noticing a trend here? There are lots of baby-related craft ideas on this list. Those cutie-pies may bankrupt their parents, but they’re a goldmine for you. If you make these teething rings, try bundling them with another baby product on this list to make a small fortune.

Video Guide:

Bunny Ear Crochet Teether

Wooden Teething Ring
by Hooked by Robin

57. Makeup Travel Pouch

Overview: Traveling is a hassle for many people. Keeping their toiletries and beauty essentials organized is very important. Not just for TSA checks, but for easy access on their trip. Those are the people who will love this custom-made travel accessory.

Video Guide:

Pouch & Travel Bag

Makeup Travel Pouch
by Adam Atkins

58. Polymer Clay Dishes

Overview: There are people selling these online for ridiculous amounts of money. Even I was blown away at how cheap and easy these clay crafts are to make. In fact, I actually started a store with my sister. And it’s making us a few thousand a month. So jump in and start selling yours… there’s room for more!

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

DIY Clay Dishes

Polymer Clay Jewelry Dishes
by Cristina Ramirez

59. Paracord Survival Bracelet

Overview: 9 out of 10 people buy paracord bracelets because they look cool. 62% of those who own one have no idea of what they’re used for. Don’t trust this data. But do trust that will people spend money to collect these crafts – even if it’s just a fashion accessory to them.

Supplies Needed:

Video Guide:

How to Make Paracord Survival Bracelets

Corkscrew Survival Paracord Bracelet
by BoredParacord

60. Kawaii Plushies (no sewing)

Overview: I’ll be honest, I don’t exactly know what these are or why they’re so popular. To me they look like stuffed kids toys. But no one cares what I think. The people who buy them just love their plushies. And considering how easy they are to make, your only limit is your creativity.

Video Guide:

DIY Food Plushies

Kawaii Plushies
by LaurDIY

Create Your Profitable Craft Ideas

Now that you know the best money-making crafts to sell from home, it’s time to start making ‘em.

I suggest starting with the ones you’re most interested in rather than trying to do them all. And most importantly… don’t compare yourself to the folks in the videos. Just think of them as helpful teachers.

Speaking of teaching, there are tons of people who’d love to find a list like this so they can learn about making crafts to sell. And you can help them out by sharing this post.

To do that, click the buttons below to share this list of easy crafts that make money.

About Jas R.

Born and raised in Southeast Asia, Jas has an appreciation for everything most people take for granted. She’s on a mission to help young people in her village create opportunities for a better life. She also loves the experience of being a digital nomad.


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