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Can You Get Rich Off A Blog? Here’s The Shocking Truth

by Carlton F.

Yes. It’s possible to get rich from blogging. There are several ways you can do it. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not too late to start a blog.

If you do a simple Google search, you can quickly find stories of people who’ve gotten rich from blogging. They usually share their results via monthly income reports.

Typically, those who’ve been blogging for years will often have greater success than someone who started their blog yesterday.

That’s because all new sites need time to grow, just like with any other business.

As long as you’re willing to sacrifice time and effort, it’s possible for you to make money as a full-time blogger.

If you’re ready to get started, then consider investing in this blogging course from Authority Hacker. It’s one of the most comprehensive beginner blogging courses.

Here Are The Types of Blogs That Make Money

Most people choose to make one type of blog, but smart bloggers like to create websites that combine some or all of the following blog types.

1. Affiliate Sites

What it is

These are blogs that write about products or services to help people make informed buying decisions.

When a visitor buys a recommended product or service, the blogger earns a commission.

How it works

Let’s say you join Shopify’s affiliate program. You get a unique link and write a review of the platform on your blog. If someone joins Shopify via your link, you get a referral fee.


Nerdwallet and The Points Guy are two popular affiliate websites. Both sites started from nothing and grew to become successful million-dollar blogs.

2. Display Ads Sites

What it is

These are blogs that show ads within an article and/or other places around a website.

If a certain number of visitors see those ads, the blogger gets paid for those views. It’s a similar concept to the ads you see in your favorite mobile apps.

How it works

There are three types of display ads – CPA, CPC, and CPM

Here’s a brief overview of each:

  • CPA means “cost per action” — you’re are rewarded if a visitor does a specific action like filling out a form.
  • CPC means “cost per click” — it allows you to earn money when a visitor clicks an ad.
  • CPM means “cost per mille” — you make money when an ad is seen 1000 times on your blog. 

Typically, display ads work best for blogs that get tons of visitors. Some bloggers like to combine display ads and affiliate marketing to increase their earnings.


Cosmopolitan and Healthline are two sites that use display ads. Both receive millions of visitors per month, which generates substantial revenue.

3. Membership Sites

What it is

These are blogs designed to support a community of people who share interest in a particular topic.

There’s usually a monthly or annual membership fee and that’s how the blogger makes money.

How it works

There are a couple of ways to do this…

You can create a website where users pay to access the information. Or you can create a forum-style website, kinda like a paid private subreddit.

If you’re not keen on starting a blog, you can do a paid newsletter instead.

Using a tool like Substack, you can easily get started. After the initial setup, all you have to do is focus on creating content.


MarketBeat and Business Insider two sites that offer paid memberships. Both have a hybrid of free and paid content that generates millions in revenue.

4. Personal Sites 

What it is

These are sites where the blogger offers their own unique product or service. And when someone makes a purchase, they get to keep all the profits.

How it works

You basically create a website to sell your expertise or knowledge. It can be something like live video coaching or a digital course where you teach people how to code.

This model works well for personal trainers, therapists, consultants, etc.

If you’re not tech savvy, tools like Circle (for live sessions) and Podia (for selling courses) make it easy for you to sell your product or service.


StrongerU and Kayla Itsines are sites that offer services to people. Both founders turned their experience into two highly successful businesses.

How Do Bloggers Get Paid?

There are four ways that bloggers get paid:

  • Selling their own products or services directly to customers
  • Recommending products or services to people for a commission (i.e. affiliate)
  • Writing sponsored posts for a price
  • Allowing companies to advertise on their blog

For the first option, you’d link your bank account to an online payment provider like Stripe. And then you’ll receive cash from all purchases, minus any transaction fees.

In the other three scenarios, you’ll receive payment either directly from each company or via an intermediary platform representing those companies.

Overall, it’s pretty easy for bloggers to get paid.

Final Take

Although it’s possible for you to get rich blogging, there are two things you must know…

First, it’s much easier to start a blog than it is to grow it. As a result, if you rush into this hoping to get rich quick, you’ll end up failing miserably.

In order to be successful, you need to treat this like a business.

Apart from investing time and money, you’ll need to create a plan of action. Then you must be disciplined enough to execute that plan to achieve your goals.

Blogging is a marathon not a sprint.

The first year or two will be difficult and test your resolve. But if you can overcome the challenges, you could have a valuable asset generating enough income to let you quit your job.

The next thing you should know about is scammers. You’ll see them on YouTube, around the web, or on social media.

These people will try to sell you promises wrapped up in crappy courses that make you believe they have the “secret” to success. They’ll make it look easy. But it’s all a lie. So avoid them like the plague.

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