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42 Household Items to Sell for Quick Cash: Hoarders Beware!

by Alex S.

Let’s cut to the chase…

You need cash now and J.G. Wentworth is not an option.

You also don’t care about the sad story of how I used to be a stage-3 hoarder.

Or even the happy one where I got a sheepdog, named him Archie, and became a minimalist.

No. What’s really going to tickle your pickle, is me telling you that I made over $10,000 selling all my “worldly” possessions.

That’s right. I turned all my unnecessary household items into cold hard cash.

Now, you probably aren’t on the path to minimalism. But you do want to make some money.

The problem is: you don’t have a clue what to sell.

Well, I’ve got your back baby. And in this post, I’m gonna give you a list of household items you can sell for cash. I’ll even show you where to sell them.

As long as you promise not to throw a tantrum if I recommend selling your favorite trinket, we’ll get along like politicians and lobbyists.

Sound good?

Cool. Let’s dive into the list.

42 Household Items to Sell for Quick Cash

You’ve got many items worth selling scattered around your home. Finding them can be a fun game. Here are a few items you can sell:

1. Your time

Believe it or not, there are lots of people who make money doing surveys online. And you can do it too!

Thanks to companies like Survey Junkie, all you need is a computer, wifi, and your email to get started. It’s fast, easy, and free to join.

You can always run out of things to sell in your home, but you’ll never run out of paid online surveys.

Click here to sign up with Survey Junkie and get a FREE Bonus.

2. Memorabilia

As humans, we have this innate desire to collect stuff. Even cavemen used to collect rocks (and other people).

As far as memorabilia goes, historic pieces tend to be most valuable.

Things like World War artifacts, autographs, sports jerseys, equipment, guns, tickets to a show, trading cards, and so on, are all items you can sell for good money.

What kind of memorabilia do you have in your home?

3. Art, sculptures, and paintings

Art is like diamonds, completely worthless except to the person who buys it.

And those buyers are awesome because they will happily pay anywhere from a few pennies to millions of dollars for something the size of a lunchbox.

Now, I’m not saying you’re sitting on a millions worth of art. However, if you do have some art lying around, you might want to get it appraised if you don’t already know the value of it.

Worst case scenario, you sell it as home decor for a few bucks. Not bad, eh?

4. Your health Get paid to walk

What if I told you there’s a way you can get paid to get healthy? Would you be interested in something like that?

Well, I’ve got good news!

There’s an app called Sweatcoin that pays you to walk. It uses your cell phone or smartwatch to track and your movement, kinda like a Fitbit.

The app basically motivates you to exercise and stay healthy by offering a financial incentive.

You accumulate points that can be converted into real money, which you can use to go shopping.

Click here to learn more about Sweatcoin.

5. Tools

Have you ever tried to put a nail in a wall with more than one hammer?

Me neither.

I don’t know why, but all the media ads seem to suggest that tools are the perfect gifts for men for any occasion. Weird.

Pointless observations aside, you probably don’t need (or use) most of the tools you have unless you’re in construction.

If you’ve got more than one of the same item, do yourself a favor and put it up for sale.

6. Your thoughts get paid for your opinion

Let’s be real, we all have an opinion about pretty much everything. And most of the time we share that opinion for free.

But now you can actually get paid for your opinion and thoughts.

Yes! Companies will pay you for your feedback on various products and services. You can actually make good money doing this as a side hustle.

If you’d like to do this, check out Respondent to learn more.

7. Sports and fitness equipment

Did you abandon your hopes of getting swole or losing your belly fat?

Has your body finally told you to stop playing basketball at the local YMCA?

Have your kids moved out and left all their old sports gear behind?

Well, all those things may be the signs you’ve been waiting for to sell any sports and fitness equipment you have in your basement, garage or wherever.

People love buying these items used. So don’t be mean and keep them. Let those people give you money for it and get on with their happy lives.

8. Outdoor gear

Considering that most people are living in the tech matrix, there’s a slim chance they’ve spent time in nature.

But you could be different. You could be someone who knows what it’s like to sleep in a tent, rough it in the woods, or hike a trail.

If that’s the case, then you probably have some equipment chilling in your home somewhere.

Unless you’re an avid outdoors person, that gear is doing you no good just sitting there. So you might as well clean it up and find someone to buy it.

Sleeping bags, trekking poles, backpacks, survival knives, and all those cool outdoor accessories are highly sought after by second-hand shoppers.

9. CDs, records, tapes, etc.

Back in the day, baby boomers used to rock out to some good albums.

If you or your folks managed to collect a bunch of good music, they could be worth something.

I know it’ll suck to get rid of those vintage albums and lose all that amazing music. But you can always digitize everything and put it all on a hard drive.

Unless you’re an audiophile, listening to them via mp3 audio shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

So go ahead and start snooping around your basement, attic, closet, or wherever you or your folks keep all that old school music.

10. DVDs and movies

I have a confession…

I don’t pay for movies anymore unless I go to the theatre. If I want to watch a move, I stream it for free online. And if I like it enough, I download it.

As for my DVD collection, I sold all 211 movies. But before I did that, I uploaded all of them to my 10TB Seagate [B0798DVKRV] hard drive.

That thing is a beast, it can store over 2,000 HD movies. I’m barely using 15% of that space. And watching movies from the hard drive is easy to do.

My point is, DVDs are a waste of money and space.

If you have some that you love, you might consider getting your own hard drive to store them. Otherwise, you should definitely sell your collection.

What happens if your hard drive crashes and you lose all your movies?

The same thing that happens if someone sneaks into your house at 2:03 a.m. and borrows your entire collection – you lose it all. But you do live to download another day.

If you’re worried about all that, just make a list of your movie titles and email it to yourself. Problem solved. Go sell your movies now.

11. Musical instruments

My uncle had a band.

He travelled all over Europe.

He had lots of instruments in his home.

He died of a heart attack.

His siblings sold every instrument and used the money to pay for his funeral.

The end.

12. Porcelain (fine china) and dishes

Riddle me this…

Why is it that people complain about products being made in China but they spend thousands or millions on Asian porcelain?

Too funny.

Anyway, I remember growing up my mom would to take the ‘good dishes’ out of a cabinet for holidays and special occasions.

Young me was always curious, “why do we have all these plates but never use them mom?”

She’d just smile, tell me to hush, and that I would understand the value of these things one day.

Well momma wasn’t lying. I sold a ton of that stuff, which I inherited from my grandma. And let me tell you, it sure as heck was valuable!

Thanks mom! (RIP grams).

13. Electronics

You can flip all your old (and new) electronics for cash in a heartbeat.

Everything from your cellphone, computer, stereo, television, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.

Depending on the age and condition of your devices, there are people who’ll happily take them off your hands.

Note: if you’re flipping your phone or PC, make sure you wipe all the data from those devices. The last thing you want is your personal info ending up in the hands of some stranger or the Internet.

14. Ornaments and figurines

What is it with people and figurines?

I can’t speak for others, but I used to collect little statues and animal ornaments. I had a fondness for Swarovski crystals too. I remember having a violin and bear crystal figurines. It was nice.

But those things became pointless to me and I got rid of them after overcoming my hoarding addiction.

I gave my mom and aunts the more valuable ones because, why not? And the rest I sold for a fat wad of cash.

Ornaments are another one of those items that can be very valuable. Take a look at the ones you have, and consider selling them like I did.

15. Novels and comic books

Imagine selling a book that costs more than Lamborghini. Or letting go of your Golden Age comic book collection for more than your yearly salary.

How exciting would that be?

Well it’s time to go through your bookshelves and see if you’ve got a few gems in there.

You can easily find out prices for your books and comics by searching online.

Even if you don’t sell them for thousands, you can still make money selling them on Amazon or eBay.

A few dollars is always better than zero dollars. Wouldn’t you agree?

16. Cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, etc.

Are any of those things sitting in your garage, driveway, backyard, or storage unit? Well you should probably sell them to someone else.

Unless you use them on a daily basis, having all those autos is pointless.

But, if you’re lucky enough to have a barn full of classic cars covered under a pile of hay, whoa nelly, you just might be sitting on a jackpot.

Classic cars are huge business. You’d be surprised at what you can get for a rusty old jalopy.

BTW, if you live in a city with access to mass transit, then I’d suggest not even owning a vehicle.

Of course, if you’re rich enough to not worry ab-… wait what the hell am I saying?! If you’re rich, why are you even here???

17. Silverware

Like fine china dinnerware, silverware is one of those things people only break out on special occasions.

Instead of doing that and just having them sit in a drawer, you should try and get some money for your fancy knives, forks, and spoons.

Again, if it’s a family heirloom, you’ll have to decide if it’s worth keeping or not.

I won’t tell you what to do in those situations because I don’t want you to come back here and send me hate mail.

That’s all there is to say about that.

18. Designer handbags

I have another confession…

I don’t own any handbags. Never have, never will.

But I suspect you might own one or two, depending on your preference.

If you’ve got more than that, I doubt you’re using both at the same time everyday. In that case, you should probably get rid of a few.

If they’re designer handbags in good condition, lots of people will buy them.

Letting go of your luxury handbags can be really hard, I know. But you’ve got to suck it up my dear, because you need cash now.

19. Pet supplies

I know. Pets can be a sensitive topic. But…

Do dogs really need a hundred different grooming brushes? And what about those gazillion dog toys it has? Three feeding bowls? Is your pet King Louis the Great?

I think your dog will be just fine without most of those things.

Am I just hating on dogs? No no. I’ve got one too.

But the same thing applies to cats, fishes, birds, snakes, horses, rabbits, hamsters, monkeys, or whatever animal you have.

Your pet probably has way more stuff than it needs.

And if your pet has been dead for sometime, there’s no point in keeping those supplies. Sorry to go there, just trying to help you raise some moola.

20. Paper rolls

I had no idea how valuable this stuff was, until I saw some of the prices for bundles online.

The rolls I’m talking about are the cylindrical pieces of cardboard left when your paper towel or toilet paper runs out.

Sure you can recycle those rolls, which is great for the environment. But sometimes you gotta ditch the environment for the the greater good of filling your coffer.

The people who buy these things in bulk, are usually running some sort of business making paper crafts or reselling the rolls to other people.

But it doesn’t matter if they’re making weapons for aliens in space, as long as you get paid it’s all groovy.

21. Family recipes

Most people think recipes have no value. But during the 1950s, at the age of 65 and with a monthly income of just $105, a gentleman from Henryville, Indiana had a crazy idea.

He visited restaurants, offered to cook for them, and if the owners liked it, negotiated franchise rights. He did this while traveling around the country and living out of his car.

That gentleman’s name was Harland David Sanders and his “secret recipe” was the genesis for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Now I’m not saying you’ll be the next KFC, but if you’ve got some killer family recipes, cookbook publishers will gladly pay you for it.

You can even make your own book and sell it on your own website if you don’t want to share the profits.

Still think recipes are worthless?

22. Designer shoes

Before you break out the pitchfork, remember why you’re here. You wanted to find out what household items to sell to make some money.

And on that note, I just have one question…

Do you really need 8, 10, or 100+ pairs of shoes?

If you feel you do or you don’t want to part with them, then just skip this tip and move onto the next one.

But in case you have second thoughts or want to actually sell your shoes, just know that there’s a huge market for cheap designer shoes.

Okay, let’s continue.

23. Old baby products

I know what you’re thinking…

That crib means a lot to you.

It kept your baby safe and gave you peace of mind. You’ve got fond memories of seeing your kid standing in there when you entered the room, arms extended, and the warmest smile that melted your heart.

With memories like that, I can understand why you still have that crib and other baby gear gathering dust in your home. My mom did the same thing.

Unfortunately, babies grow up into adults, that’s how life goes.

And assuming they don’t pull a Benjamin Button on you, it’s safe to say your kids are never going to need their baby stuff. Maybe they’d want it for their own kids, which is fine.

Otherwise, you should sell all that cute baby stuff and free up some space in your home.

24. Furniture

In college, my friend and I used to drive around the rich neighborhoods on trash day in his pickup truck.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of valuable stuff these folks tossed out.

This one time we found a curio cabinet in mint condition. We polished it up, replaced some cracked glass, and sold it for $318.

If you’ve ever been to college, you know that meant our Ramen fund was extended by several weeks.

Anyway, people still do this today as a side hustle.

That means you can easily find buyers for your old sofa, dining room set, cabinets, and other furniture.

So instead of tossing stuff the curb, you might consider selling it.

Doesn’t hurt to try, right?

25. Jewelry

Have you ever seen people wearing rings on every finger? Or the folks channelling their inner Mr. T with a stack of chains around their neck? What about the ones with a million bracelets?

If you owned a jewelry store, those people would be your best customers.

I’m assuming you own a bunch of jewelry. Whether it’s costume jewelry or real jewelry, it’s probably worth a few hundred or so.

Have a look inside your drawer or jewelry box and decide which of those items you want to sell.

If you don’t know the value of something, get it appraised.

And whatever you do, don’t sell your jewelry to a pawn shop. They’ll lowball you to oblivion.

26. Home decorations

When it comes to decorations, there’s the holiday stuff, the seasonal stuff, and then the type of stuff you can use to accent a room.

In most cases, all of those items will be in a box waiting to be used – maybe.

For holiday stuff, I know people who shop for new holiday decorations every year like clockwork. Easter, Christmas, 4th of July… you name it, they shop it.

Eventually, all this stuff just sits in storage somewhere gathering dust.

If you’ve got a similar dilemma, go find those items now. Put them together in boxes and sell them all as bulk decorations.

Just don’t expect to get rich doing it. Remember, you’re just selling stuff for quick cash.

27. Board games

For my 7th birthday, my uncle gave me a game called Pictionary.

Unfortunately, that’s the same year I got a Game Boy.

So I did what any 7 year old would do… I put the board game in my closet and gave my soul to Nintendo.

Two decades later, during my clutter cleanse, the board game resurfaced.

There in a box of crap nostalgia, was Pictionary still in its original plastic looking just as it did when I first got it.

Like with all the stuff I was selling, I went online to see what a first edition game of Pictionary was selling for. The prices blew me away…

Almost $90 for a brand new set like mine!

Did I sell it for that? You bet your sweet bippy I did.

All I can say is… Thank you uncle Simon for an awesome birthday present!

What games do you have hiding inside your home waiting to be discovered?

28. Household appliances

My friend and his wife got a bunch of gifts for their wedding, most of them appliances.

One day I was helping him clear out a room in preparation for their new baby.

That room was like one of those units you see on the show Storage Wars – lots of boxes and crap everywhere.

Anyway, in the pile, we found some treasure: an air fryer and a Vitamix blender. Both were brand new.

Since he already had his own fryer and blender, I suggested selling both appliances.

That one weekend of baby-room prep eventually turned into $1300 of free money from appliances alone. Not a bad way to start your kids college fund.

Imagine how much you could get for your stuff.

29. Sell your photography

Sometimes when I have time, I browse r/EarthPorn or r/OldSchoolCool on Reddit. And I usually stumble upon a lot of cool photos.

I’ve seen people inquire about purchasing some of those photos too.

Maybe you’ve got some photographs you can sell. If you have albums, you can easily have them digitized.

Then, combined with any digital photos you already have, you can sell them on sites like Getty ImagesShutterstock, and 500px.

Just for reference, one photo I uploaded to Shutterstock gets downloaded a few times per year. And I make an average of $50 a month from that one photo. Not bad, eh?

How much would your old photographs earn you in passive income?

30. Antiques and vintage items

If you happen to have any antique stuff lying around your home, you may be sitting on some instant cash.

Things like lamps, vases, or vintage pocket watches can easily be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

I’m sure if you go through the boxes in your garage, closet, or attic, you’ll find at least one item that’s worth money. Even if you only get $10 for great grandpa’s antique door knobs, that’s $10 you didn’t have before.

Assuming you do find something, you can google it or take it to an appraiser to learn its value.

If everything turns out to be worthless, that’s fine too. The good news is, you’ll have gotten rid of junk and decluttered your home.

And if you really want to unleash your inner capitalist, you can bundle all the items together and sell it for like $20 as a: collection of antique potpourri.

31. Linens and things

Apparently people will pay good money for things like quilts, mandala tapestry, and other custom hand-woven fabrics.

I don’t know if you have any of those things packed away in some corner of your home. But if you do, it’s worth finding out if you can sell them for cash.

I’ve seen people buy bedding sets from garage sales. Even blinds with native designs on them.

You just never know who will want your stuff more than you do.

32. Sell your gift cards

Every time my sister and I go for lunch I always make fun of her wallet.

She’s got one of those rectangular-shaped ones with a zip, but she can barely close it fully.

Why? Because she’s got all these gift cards in there. Sephora, Macy’s, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and a whole bunch of other places she shops at.

Some were given to her, but most of are are credits for returns that she “hasn’t found anything to buy” with yet.

I love my sis but she’s nuts.

I suspect lots of people are like this. Maybe not to that point but you’ve probably got some gift cards in your home gathering dust.

If you’re going to use the them, then do so. Otherwise, you can get cash for your gift cards by selling them.

33. Collectibles: coins, stamps, dolls, etc.

A buddy of mine has a stamp collection which, if auctioned, would fetch upwards of $100,000.

Can you believe that? Six figures for some damn stamps!

Clearly I’m not a stamp expert.

However, I’m not ignorant of the fact that collectibles like dolls, coins, and so on, are worth huge sums of money. Even G.I. Joe dolls action figures sell like hot cakes.

If you’re fortunate to have any of those things in your home, you might want to see if they’re worth anything.

You never know, right?

34. Your skills and knowledge

Everyone has a skill or something they’re good at. I know you do too.

Maybe it’s cooking, playing an instrument, or speaking a language.

Whatever you’re good at, there are people who may be willing to pay you for those skills.

You’ve just got to identify what talents and skills you have, then let people know you’re open for business.

35. Yard equipment

If you own a lawn mower, weed trimmer, pruner, and other garden tools but you still pay for landscaping, I don’t know what to tell you.

I mean, do you even need quick cash now?

Obviously there’s no reason to have that stuff if you’re paying someone to do your yard.

Now if you don’t want to sell them, then you might as well rent them out to some folks in the neighborhood (especially kids).

A lot of people do this with their gardening equipment. It’s a win-win for you and the person using your stuff.

How you like them apples?

36. Toys

Seeing as most kids have a toy chest, that could be a goldmine of cash.

If your kids are now too cool for toys or grown adults, selling their old toys should be easy.

But if you’ve got young kids, oh boy, things could get crazy. Good luck trying to sell any of their toys. You’re gonna have a bad time.

Have you ever seen Child’s Play? Yeah, I wouldn’t mess with that kinda evil.

Jokes aside, you could probably make a game of it with your kids and teach them how to make money.

Otherwise, leave the rugrats alone and find something else to sell.

37. Video games

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a game for $60 from GameStop, never played it, tried to return it to GameStop the next day, and they wanted to pay you $5 for it.

When I think of GameStop I think of how many Hail Marys I’ll need to say for the thoughts I have.

Anyways, the bottom line is: sell your video games directly to someone else.

You won’t get full price unless it’s new. But you’ll definitely get more than $5 for it.

The same thing goes for any video game system like Atari, NES, Super NES, etc. Some of those systems can fetch top dollar on the video game marketplace.

38. Stationery and old school supplies

The best part of finishing school is getting rid of all the stuff you had.

Bookbags, geometry sets, and other stationery you amassed while getting an education, can all be sold.

Science equipment like microscopes usually sell well. But one particular item I know of always seems to have a market. You know what I’m talking about?

The Texas Instruments calculators baby!

Specifically, the TI-84TI-89, and TI-Nspire series. Those models are all worth over $130 brand new.

And obviously students on a Ramen budget can’t afford them, so they try to buy them used. Sadly, they still end up paying more than half the price.

So if you’ve got one of those calculators lying around, you can make some fast money.

39. Textbooks

There are two types of people who buy used textbooks: students and book resellers.

You already know what book resellers are going to do.

As for students? Well, if you ever went to college, you know that textbooks cost as much as smartphones.

And every semester there seemed to be a new edition because 2+2 somehow changed in the span of nine months.

All that to say, many college kids look for used text books so that they don’t to have feel like they’re buying an apartment on NYC’s 5th Avenue.

Oh and don’t get me started on the college bookstores either. They’re like the academic version of GameStop. Ugh!

40. Bottes, cans, containers

Some people buy these items to use for making crafts, decorating, gardening, and even recycling.

I bet you’ve got a ton of bottles and containers scattered around your home that you’re not using.

If you do, then you can try to sell them for some easy money.

And if you don’t find any takers, recycle or donate them yourself.

Either way, you’ll be decluttering your home.

41. Clothing

Baby clothing, kids clothing, adult clothing, clothes that “shrunk”, should all be put on sale.

Clothing is already one of the biggest expenses people waste money on.

But I’m not gonna lecture you on savings. You can read about that here.

Maybe you’re planning to donate your clothes to people who need it. If so, then you deserve a gigantic hug because that’s awesome.

However, if you want to try and make some money with it that’s fine too.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a whole bunch of space left regardless of how you get rid of your unwanted clothes.

Note – if you’ve been married once or twice, and have a wedding dress, sell that too. I promise, three times is not the charm.

42. Your body

If you have nothing else to sell in your home, then it’s time to sell your soul body.

Just what do I mean by that?

Well… umm… you can donate plasma, bone marrow (painful), your eggs, your sperm, and even your hair.

You can get paid a lot for most of those things but I suspect you’ll leave this option as a last resort.

Nevertheless, it’s another way to make some cash.

Where to Sell Your Stuff for Cash?

I thought you might ask about this. There are two ways to sell your household items – either online or face-to-face locally (offline).

Here’s a table with helpful resources for each option:

eBayGarage sale
Let GoFlea markets
AmazonResearch clinics
Offer UpMedical facilities
CraigslistLocal businesses
PoshmarkFriends & family
Your website
Facebook marketplace/groups

Time to Make Some Money

Holy cannoli! I can’t believe you’ve made it this far.

By now the lightbulb in your head should be shining brightly with things you can find at home to sell.

Your next steps are to go and find those items. As you find them, I would suggest putting them all in one place. This will make it easy to access your items when it’s time to sell.

Remember, you may not be able to sell everything and that’s fine. The stuff that doesn’t sell, you can donate, recycle, or trash it.

As I said before, I guarantee you’ll be able to make some money from at least one item.

But more than that, decluttering your home will make you feel happy, calm, and stress free.

Believe me, getting rid of stuff and tidying up your home can be life-changing. I know it sounds crazy but a lot of people would love to experience this. They just don’t know where to start.

I personally think this is post can help them. If it helped you then I’m guessing you feel the same way.

So let’s share it with other people and spread the good vibes. You can be the reason someone benefits from the pleasure of tidying up.

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About Alex S.

When he’s not watching Barca games, Alex is busy sharpening his coding skills. A self-taught indie hacker who enjoys finding ways of automating pretty much anything in his life. He’s not fascinated by finance, but he loves the thrill of making money.


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