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Stay Poor: 13 Ways to Overcome The Idea of Making Money

by Carlton F.

Let’s begin with a simple truth:

Most people consciously make a decision to be average and live a remarkably normal life.

But once in while, a select few succumb to the forces of wealth and financial freedom. Forces so powerful they literally change people’s lives.

People who were once normal start doing things to violate the sanctity of society’s norms. They take risks, expand their knowledge, control their time, learn to master money, create wealth, and relentless pursue dreams that exceed the boundaries of small minds.

These people become so obsessed and motivated by the forces that they eventually drown in extreme financial success.

It’s like an addiction. A disease as incurable as evil itself.

But what if I told you that it’s possible to prevent the forces from consuming you?

That you can continue to enjoy a simple life without any disruptions, happily conforming to society’s rules.

You might be skeptical, and rightfully so. After all, people who become affected by the forces no longer have average lives.

The good news is, I’m about to prove my assertion to you in this post. Even better, I’ll show you exactly how to increase your chances of keeping your current lifestyle and avoid the horrors of financial success.

Are you ready? Ok. Keep reading.

13 Ways to Stay Poor and Never Get Rich

This list is both powerful and effective.

If you’re not willing to live an average life and struggle financially, then it’s not for you. You need to be an underachiever for it to work.

And trust me, it will work. I guarantee it!

Now that we’ve filtered any ambitious alleycats, let’s continue…

1. Avoid setting goals

Poor People Have No Goals

Setting goals is dumb.

It’s not like you need goals to live an average life. Your weekdays aren’t complex. You get up, go to work, come home, sleep, and repeat the process the next day.

Somewhere in between you’ve got some social interaction and media consumption.

Yea, being average is totally easy.

Plus you already hate those lame interview questions that ask you where you see yourself in 5 years. Are you really going to write the same BS in a journal or piece of paper and call them goals? Ha-ha… no.

Rich people take goals seriously. It’s like a freaking obsession. They’ve got these things called SMART goals, terms like KPI, different goals for personal and business desires, and more.

All that stuff makes your head hurt. Rich people do crazy things for money.

Anyway, what’s your plan for tomorrow?

2. Rack up lots of debt

Stay Poor With Debt

There’s a reason you get all those credit card offers in the mail.

Companies want to help you buy stuff.

It’s completely normal to have 3 or more credit cards in your wallet.

Even if one card gets maxed out, you can just use the others to pay it off. Or better yet, you can use those credit cards to pay off your student loans. Brilliant!

Speaking of loans, they’re not that bad…

You can stretch the payments out for decades. Most lenders are willing to help you do this. As a lifelong indebted customer, you don’t have to pay a lot each month. It’s awesome!

Seriously, if you earn $50,000 a year or less, how else are you supposed to buy your SUV and $300,000 home? Thoughts and prayers aren’t exactly legal tender.

Consumer debt really isn’t as bad as some people think. In fact, rich people have worse debt.

These people are mad enough to take out loans to build apartments, fund businesses, leverage interest rates, etc. And those loans usually amount to millions. There’s no way they can afford to pay that back. So dumb.

BTW… did you hear about the 2 for 1 financing special on iPhones?

3. Watch TV for hours

Stay Poor By Watching TV

One of the best ways to avoid becoming a millionaire is by watching TV. Or as my uncle likes to say…

“getting lost in the time vacuum.”

If you’ve got a nice big flat-screen in your living room, you’re already winning. Heck, you probably have one in your bedroom too. #averageballergoals

By investing in those smart TVs, you’re guaranteed to spend almost 72 days per year preventing yourself from becoming a millionaire.

But wait, there’s more…

TV also gives you a steady dose of entertainment and commercials. You get to see:

  • who’s dancing
  • who’s winning money
  • who’s marrying whom
  • who’s buying, flipping, or listing their home
  • who’s prosecuting mesothelioma, and…
  • who’s releasing drugs for that special moment.

Without your dear old TV you wouldn’t even be able to keep up with the Kardash… your favorite celebrity.

Television is so awesome it gives you a reason to avoid social interaction, especially with your friends.

Let’s be real here, you don’t want to spend time watching boring shit about becoming a millionaire. After a long day, you just want to kill a few hours by being super non-productive.

Why on earth would you learn how to get rich when you can watch tv?

4. Don’t accept responsibility

Blame Others For Your Problems

Life isn’t perfect. Hell, it isn’t even fair.

There’s so much crap you have to deal with on a daily basis it’s ridiculous.

First you’ve got the idiots in rush hour traffic…

They know you always leave your house late because your alarm clock didn’t wake you on time. It’s not your fault you’re behind.

So why should you have to leave your house any earlier just to avoid them?

Then there’s work…

You barely made it in time only to find out you’ve got yet another meeting. Ugh!

Sure it was announced 3 days ago and put in the calendar, but nobody reminded you. It’s not your fault you forgot about it. Your boss needs to chill.

Speaking of boss, that a**hole won’t even give you a raise!

You do way more than Brad in accounting. So what if he’s on time, prepared, and gets s*** done? There’s no reason he should be making $10,000 more than you. You’ve been with the company the longest!

On top of all that, you’ve got no time for yourself when you get home. Between the kids and million chores, your life is a mess. Yea you’d take a vacation but the damn landlord took your money for the rent. Ugh!

This is the real world and it’s super frustrating. You have no idea why bad things only happen to you.

Rich people don’t understand this. They’re too busy using their 24 hours effectively. Instead of complaining about their problems, they find solutions. And they even accept responsibility for their actions and life choices. They’re totally insane.

Now tell me, who else made you late today?

5. Find creative ways to procrastinate

Poor People Procrastinate

This is an easy way to guarantee you live an average life.

Chances are, you’ve already got a few social media accounts. If not, you need to go get some asap.

Most normal people are effectively using platforms like Facebook and YouTube to waste 2 hours every day. And that number keeps growing.

Yes there are things you said you’d do yesterday that you haven’t done today. But it doesn’t hurt to put them off a little longer. After all, it’s not like those tasks are important anyway.

Things change in a heartbeat. Imagine if you were doing something productive like exercising… you’d miss your favorite influencer’s updates!

Instead of trying to get healthy, you could’ve been one of the first to comment or pre-order their new merch. Those opportunities are worth a lot more than worrying about your long-term health.

Procrastination is an art that you can easily master.

Sadly, rich people can’t procrastinate to save their life. To them there’s no such thing as procrastination. It’s about priorities, motivation, and the habit of making decisions quickly. They’re only passionate about becoming successful. And that’s just way too intense man.

Anyway, can we talk about this tomorrow?

6. Make lots of excuses

Poor People Make Excuses

Honestly, you tried your best.

But you’ve got some legit reasons for not saving money this week.

First, Karen invited you to lunch on Tuesday. And it’s Karen, so you couldn’t say no to her. If she didn’t choose Upscale Eats after running it by you, there’s no way you would’ve spent $75 on lunch. Thanks Karen!

Next you had to go out Saturday night. So you needed a new top, had to get your hair right, and your crew always does bottle service (cuz lines are for losers!).

It was an epic night. You made it rain in VIP, the DJ killed it, and you got hammered. Best. $200. Spent. Ever!

Yea you spent $275 for fun, so what? You were with your friends. You weren’t out committing any crimes. Heaven forbid you let loose after an exhausting work week.

Rich people can’t relate to that. They’d just say no to all the fun and focus on turning that $275 into a million or something. Damn, they’re boring and suck at making excuses.

BTW, why didn’t you go to the gym?

7. Worry about people liking you

Stay Poor Make People Like You

Be honest, you want people to like you.

You don’t want to be known as the weirdo who doesn’t know how to have a good time.

It’s why you’ve got 500 close friends on Facebook, thousands of Instagram followers, and want more people to smash and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

The struggle is real.

And no one knew this better than that dude Maslow. He knew how great your desire for social belonging and esteem was way before you did.

That’s why it’s so important for you to do (and spend) everything you can to fit in and be popular. You need people to think you’re amazing and you want them to like you. Why shouldn’t they? You are a cinema, a Hollywood treasure.

Unfortunately you don’t get those thing trying to become a millionaire. People will mock you, root for you to fail, critique your lifestyle, hate on you, and make you feel like an outcast.

You’ve got to be some kind of crazy to ignore all that negativity. Maybe that’s why rich people are so obsessed and committed to increasing their wealth. They want to avoid the joys of being average.

Isn’t being popular so much better than being rich?

8. Avoid personal development

Most People Do Not Read Books

This is huge. You definitely want to do this.

There’s no reason you should ever consider investing in developing yourself.

You don’t need a course to develop your skills, you’ve got enough to get by in life.

As for books, those are pointless. You read enough in school and it was a pain. There’s no reason to think you’ll find anything useful in books.

Magazines on the other hand, are great. They’re filled with pictures instead of walls of text. Plus, you can find out the latest fashion trends, juicy gossip, and learn new ways to spice up your sex life. Awesome!

Rich people make such a big deal about personal development. They’re always reading books, going to masterminds, and trying to achieve peak performance. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, how’d your partner do on that compatibility quiz for couples?

9. Eat unhealthy food

Obesity In America

Call it junk food, and you’re a scrub.

Saying fast food makes you look cheap.

But call it take out…

and you’ll be considered a genius at avoiding healthy meal prep in the kitchen.

Who cares if almost 1 in 3 Americans are obese and that number is rising?

After you’ve spent all day showing your employer your life is worth $40K a year, cooking is the last thing on your mind.

Being able to drive through McDonald’s, grab some pizza, or order Chinese, is a luxury rich people cannot afford.

They’ll never be able to eat food that makes you feel tired, fatigued, or depressed. The kind of food that hits your body with the devil’s caress.

Food that gives you short bursts of satisfaction and energy now, when you need it most.

You don’t care about the future. When that time comes and your health is jacked-up you’ll just pop pills.

Thanks to America’s awesome healthcare system you’ve got nothing to worry about.

So let the one percenters worry about eating healthy to get the sustained energy they need to be productive in their pursuit of wealth.

Who wants to live a long life and retire healthy anyway?

10. Sleep a lot, sleep often

Sleep All Day

Raise your hand if you hate when people disturb your sleep.

If it wasn’t for that stupid job you’d be able to stay in bed a little longer every morning.

Just like on the weekends when you get to be lazy and do nothing.

The reality is, you need your eight hours of sleep. Even the doctors recommend it.

Sure sometimes you make do with 6 or 7 but that’s only because your show was on. God forbid you have some me time right?

And let’s not discuss the million things you’ve gotta do at home. That’s like opening Pandora’s box. Not worth it.

Anyway, you’ve got to be psycho to mess with the power of sleep.

Someone should tell that to rich people. They’re always trying to beat the sunrise so they can get more hours in the day. They take these things called power naps and even have a scheduled bedtimes. Some are absolute animals who push through the night when they have to. It’s madness I tell you!

Aren’t you tired of reading this yet?

11. Hang out with people just like you

Make Normal Friends

This is a no brainer as far as I’m concerned.

Most of your friends are pretty normal right?

They work stable jobs, have similar interests, aren’t trying to be overachievers, and have basically settled for an average lifestyle.

They’re exactly like you, which is why they’re your friends.

Now imagine if one of them started doing weird stuff like trying to get in shape or working towards financial freedom. Obviously the rest of the group would have to start avoiding him or her.

And it’s not because you hate them, they just don’t appreciate how great it feels to be average anymore.

So cutting them from the team makes sense because it allows the good times to continue rolling in the group.

Rich folks don’t do this. These idiots try to make friends with people smarter and richer than themselves. They think it’ll help them learn more, do more, or some nonsense. Basically elevate their life in some way to achieve greatness.

Sounds like highway snobbery.

Who wants to hang with a bunch of rich smarty pants anyway?

12. Spend all your money

Stay Poor Shopping For Clothes

It’s astonishing just how stupid rich people are.

Like, who the hell spends their money on boring shit like land, properties, and long-term investments?

You can’t have fun with any of those things.

You can’t show off 10 acres of land in the club on the weekend. You can’t pull up to your friends house in a brand new apartment building. And what use is a long-term investment if you die tomorrow?

Now I know you’re smarter than that…

You’ve got the latest phone on the market. You copped it the day it came out. Sure it’s got a cracked screen but you’re not dumb enough to pay hundreds of dollars to fix it.

And let’s not forget about your car. Your friends love it, your neighbors are jelly, and you’re proud of the low payment you negotiated. The MSRP was twice your net worth but I bet the self-driving feature is killer!

Yes my friend, even with a meager pay check, you’ve managed to use credit cards and loans to satisfy your consumer appetite. Most rich people will never have your lifestyle.

Anyway, what cool thing do you plan on buying next?

13. Work a 9-to-5 forever

Get A Middle Class Job

You know, if you really think about it, being an employee is amazing.

Sure you spend most of your life behind a desk making someone else rich, but the benefits are phenomenal.

You get things like:

  • Guaranteed money every two weeks
  • Gainful employment
  • Stability
  • 50-60 hour work weeks
  • Potential salary raises every 5-10 years
  • A week or two of paid time off every year
  • Annual Christmas parties

Those are huge for maintaining an average life.

Even though you can lose your job at any moment and suffer financial ruin because you barely have any savings, it’s totally worth it.

And it feels good to know that you don’t have to take any unnecessary risks to do more in life.

All you’re ever going to do is raise a family, earn a living, and then die.

Now imagine if you tried to become a millionaire…

Not only would you lose all those benefits, you’d have to do so much more.

Like start a company so you can be your own boss and live life on your terms, hire people to work for you, and worst of all…

…when you’re not spending time with your family or traveling to exotic places, you’ll be focused on creating financial freedom for your future generations.

That’s way too much responsibility. Good thing you’ve happily settled in life.

BTW, aren’t you excited for your annual 2% bonus?

Stay Poor For Life

If you’re shocked at how little effort it takes to be average and avoid success, don’t be.

It’s very easy. That’s why everyone does it.

In fact, just by reading this post you’ve done it too. How cool is that?

Like I said before, you may not be able to escape the forces once they consume you, but you can prevent it from happening.

There’s just one problem…

Somewhere out there an average person is being tempted to escape mediocrity. This person may even be your friend or family member. Wouldn’t you like to save them from making such a huge mistake?

You can. All you have to do is share this post by clicking the buttons below.

Go ahead and do that now.

About Carlton F.

Most people like to brag about themselves here. Carlton just wants you to know that he co-founded Evergreen Dimes to help you build a richer life that you'll be proud to reflect on. Cars and traveling are his passion, but otherwise, he’s a humble dude.


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