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7 Best Time Management Apps For Sales Professionals

by Alex S.

When it comes to sales, everyone knows that time is money and coffee is for closers.

But since you’re here, then it means you’re probably a time-poor tea drinker. Otherwise, you’d be on the phone smiling and dialing.

Offended? Don’t be. This post isn’t an extension of your manager’s wrath. It’s meant to help you discover the best time management apps for sales professionals.

You see, when it comes to managing your time poorly, you’re not alone. Most sales people have the same problem. And it often leads to reduced commissions, smaller paychecks, or zero income.

The good news is, you can avoid all of that.

With a good time management app, you can increase your productivity, close more deals, and become the ultimate selling machine.

Now, since most apps are crap, this list will only cover the best apps for managing your time. Sound good?

Cool. Let’s cut the small talk and get down to business.

What are the Best Time Management Apps for Sales Professionals?

To help you choose the best app to manage your time, each item below includes their essential features along with a list of their pricing plans.

1. Insightful 

Insightful lets you organize your sales tasks in Kanban view for better time management. And with automatic time mapping, those tasks can be time-stamped to produce accurate timesheets.

You can also generate performance reports within the app to identify periods of low productivity. This way you can pinpoint all the distractions, eliminate them, and use that extra time to win more sales. 

There are two ways to access this time management software. You can install it on your computer (Mac & Windows), or you can use the Workpuls web app.

Key Features

Besides time tracking, Insightful serves as an all-in-one application for optimizing your productivity and streamlining all the important day-to-day sales activities.

Here’s a list of Insightful’s notable features:

  • Intuitive performance visualization
  • Automatic screenshots for accurate time tracking
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Secure and reliable cloud storage
  • Detailed reports for productivity analysis
  • Integrated budget forecasting
  • Remote worker attendance verification


While the app doesn’t have a free plan, it does offer a free 7-day trial. That gives you a chance to evaluate the software without worrying about lock-ins or contracts. 

The pricing plans are spread across three tiers, with monthly or annual billing. Choosing the yearly plan is a better option because it allows you to save 20%.

Here’s a list of Insightful’s pricing plans:

  • Employee monitoring ($8/user/month)
  • Time tracking ($10/user/month)
  • Automatic time mapping ($15/user/month)

2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is dynamic enough to be used as a simple time tracking app or an advanced productivity management system. That means you can easily incorporate it into your daily work routine without getting sidetracked by complex features.

You can also use Hubstaff to identify all the tasks that make you less productive during the day. Once you know what they are, you can eliminate them to avoid procrastination and focus on the right sales-generating activities.

In terms of accessibility, Hubstaff can be used on desktop, mobile, or via the web. So whether you work remotely, in an office, or in the field, all your information will be readily available on any connected device.

Key Features

One reason why sales people love Hubstaff, is it’s ability to integrate with popular accounting software such as Freshbooks and QuickBooks. These and other integrations significantly enhance the tool’s functionality.

Here’s an overview of Hubstaff’s useful features:

  • User-friendly interface that anyone can use
  • Intuitive dashboard to display important data
  • Automatic work activity report generation
  • Easy time tracking across multiple devices
  • Simple scheduling functionality
  • Payroll integration for sales pros working remotely
  • Powerful productivity monitoring system


In terms of pricing, Hubstaff offers both free and paid options. The free plan includes time tracking, but upgrading to one of the paid plans will give you access to more robust features.

And don’t worry about contracts, all paid plans include a 14-day trial period. So you can test-drive the software to see if it’s right for you.

Here’s a list of Hubstaff’s pricing plans:

  • Basic ($7/user/month)
  • Premium ($10/user/month)
  • Enterprise ($20/user/month)

3. Time Doctor 

Many sales people use Time Doctor to reduce wasted time and increase productivity. By accurately tracking their daily activities, top closers can maximize the time spent on scheduling and closing more deals.

Time Doctor also benefits professionals working from home or in remote spaces. Thanks to the software’s customizable settings, you can make the most of your time spent working at your computer.

The app can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome browser. It also offers a wide range of integrations with popular software like Salesforce, Office 365, G Suite, Slack, and much more.

Key Features

Scheduling is often a pain for most sales people. But Time Doctor has a smart feature to prevent double booking. Although incredibly simple, that feature sets it apart from overpriced competitors.

Here are Time Doctor’s essential features:

  • Simple setup and easy-to-use interface
  • Seamless timesheet and payroll creation
  • Track activity with automated screenshots
  • Distraction alerts keep you focused on work
  • Smart offline time tracking
  • All data is encrypted, private, and secure
  • One-click performance report generation


There are no free plans. But Time Doctor does give you a free 14-day trial to evaluate the software. And you don’t need a credit card to get started. After the trial, there are three paid plans to choose from. 

Here are the pricing plans for Time Doctor:

  • Basic ($7/user/month)
  • Standard ($10/user/month)
  • Premium ($20/user/month)

4. QuickBooks Time 

QuickBooks Time is an all-in-one time management app with robust scheduling and task tracking capabilities. It provides a simple way for you to organize and optimize your daily sales routine.

Whether you’re working from home or on the go, the app makes it easy to record your time. The built-in GPS system ensures you get accurate, real-time monitoring throughout the workday.

The software is part of the QuickBooks platform. So you can easily access all the powerful tools from the web or mobile app. Plus, there’s an abundance of integrations with other tools like Dropbox, Salesforce, and more.  

Key Features

The flexibility of QuickBooks Time is heavily praised by sales managers. It can be adapted to a wide range of industries, which is a huge benefit. 

Here are the unique features of QuickBooks Time:

  • Intuitive offline time tracking
  • Custom productivity alerts
  • Real-time, interactive activity reports
  • Streamline payroll and invoicing
  • Create periodic screenshots automatically
  • Segment schedules by tasks or shifts
  • Simple timesheet functions for non-techies


QuickBooks Time offers a whopping 30-day free trial. That’s more than enough time for you to test the software, which blows past the trial periods of other apps.

These are the pricing plans for QuickBooks Time:

  • Simple Start ($30/month)
  • Essentials ($60/month )
  • Plus ($90/month)
  • Advanced ($200/month)

5. TimeCamp 

For hassle-free timesheet and attendance tracking, TimeCamp is the ideal solution. It’s unique task management system enhances time tracking for individuals or sales teams.

TimeCamp gives you an unfair advantage over other sales reps. You can focus your time, block your worst distractions, and get powerful insights to improve all your prospecting activities.

The software can be accessed via the web or through downloadable mobile and desktop apps. As for integrations, TimeCamp connects with hundreds of platforms like Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail, and more.

Key Features

TimeCamp makes it easy to monitor inefficiencies in work routines. That means you can find and implement solutions to any unproductive sales activity much faster than before.

Here are TimeCamp’s popular features:

  • Detailed analytic reports
  • Secure data backups
  • Custom daily/weekly timesheets
  • Goal setting functionality
  • Internal note-taking app
  • Adaptable to many industries
  • Simple collaboration capabilities


TimeCamp offers a limited free option along with three paid pricing plans. All paid plans have a free 14-day trial. And there’s a 25% discount if you choose to pay annually. 

These are TimeCamp’s pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Starter ($3.99/month)
  • Basic ($7.99/user/month)
  • Pro ($10.99/user/month)

6. actiTime 

actiTime is a comprehensive work and time management software solution. It’s the go-to productivity tool for thousands of sales professionals and several Fortune 500 companies.

The software’s Kanban-style system is ideal for scheduling multiple tasks, managing sales teams, and tracking overall performance.

You can access actiTime on mobile and desktop devices or via the web. There’s also a chrome extension. And if you need a self-hosted version, it’s got that too.

Key Features

actiTime’s versatility is loved by many professionals. It can be adapted to a variety of industries. Plus, the Zapier integrations allow for instant connection to thousands of your most commonly used apps.

Here are some of actiTime’s primary features:

  • Custom timesheet notifications
  • Control data via a powerful API
  • Real-time productivity monitoring
  • Adaptable to any business process
  • Effortlessly manage sales workflows
  • Flexible reports for visualizing progress
  • User-friendly and easy to operate software


There’s a free version of the software with limited functionality. All other plans are paid, with a 30-day free trial period (no card necessary). You can also save 20% if you choose annual billing.

Here are actiTime’s pricing plans:

  • actiTIME Online 1-3 users (Free)
  • actiTIME Online 1-40 users ($7/month/per user)
  • actiTIME Online 41-200 users ($6/month/per user)
  • actiTIME Online 200+ users (special pricing)
  • actiTIME Self-Hosted ($120/per user/one-time payment)

7. RescueTime

With RescueTime, you get ongoing statistical data about your daily sales workflow. This is useful for identifying what times you’re least productive, so you can make changes to maximize your day.

RescueTime isn’t just a good time-tracking app. The software’s creators also have one of the best time management blogs on the web. It’s a great resource for learning how to optimize your days and increase your efficiency.

There are multiple ways to use RescueTime. You can install it to your computer, download the mobile app, use the browser extension, or login online. It can also integrate with other software such as Office 365 and Gmail.

Key Features

Dealing with data loss from outages is a huge problem. But you don’t have to worry about that with RescueTime. Its offline mode protects your data even if there’s a power or internet disruption.

Here are all of RescueTime’s additional features:

  • Automatic productivity tracker
  • Distraction blocking functionality
  • Easily set and monitor sales goals
  • Setup task reminder alarms
  • Record on-screen activity
  • Deep workflow categorization with tags
  • Weekly time management reports via email 


RescueTime has a free (limited) and paid plan. There’s also a 14-day trial period available. And if you opt for annual billing, you’ll get a 45% discount.

Here are all of RescueTime’s pricing plans:

  • Lite (Free)
  • Premium ($12/month)

Final Take

Finding the best time management apps for sales professionals can be a pain.

But now that you have a narrow list of apps to choose from, it’s much easier to choose one that suits your workflow.

Obviously there’s no one-size fits all app. So the key is to identify what features are most important to you, then find the app that satisfies your needs.

Don’t be afraid to try a few apps either. If there’s a free trial, use it to evaluate the software.

Anyway, that’s a wrap. Make sure you share this post with your colleagues and other sales people before you go.

About Alex S.

When he’s not watching Barca games, Alex is busy sharpening his coding skills. A self-taught indie hacker who enjoys finding ways of automating pretty much anything in his life. He’s not fascinated by finance, but he loves the thrill of making money.


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